Joint rise of India, China irreversible: Chinese envoy

New Delhi:

Notwithstanding border dispute and visa row, India and China on Monday projected a positive outlook of their relations, with China saying that the rise of the two countries together was “irreversible” which no force can stop even as some countries are trying to “drive a wedge”.

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yan said in spite of all kinds of prophecies with “ill-intention”, bilateral relations take their own course and move ahead because the two countries know where their national interests lie and how to handle their relations.

“I must point out that not every country in the world is happy to see China and India going closer and prospering together. Some even try to drive wedge between us,” he said at a talk on China-India relations in New Delhi.

“I must point out again, China and India’s rise together is an irreversible historical trend that no force in the world can stop,” the envoy said.

He underlined that the cooperative relation between India and China “poses no threat to others and is not developed at the expense of other countries’ interests.”

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Striking a similar note, National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon termed as “misplaced” determinism the arguments presented by a few experts about China and India were bound to be strategic adversaries.


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The remarks assume significance as these come in the backdrop of irritants in the relationship over border and visa issues and set a positive tone for the Special Representative talks next week.